Toronto #5: Dramas of Loners & Misfits

Tye Sheridan in "Joe"

Every year, Toronto begins to take on certain themes by the festival's midpoint, and this year there were some strong, serious dramas involving characters who go it alone in life, and much of the time to their own detriment. Here are a few of the stronger ones I saw at TIFF this year.


Toronto #3: Opening Weekend Report

I've been hugging myself practically all weekend. I've capped days and early evenings of good movies off by dj'ing and karaoke hosting late shows all weekend, right square in the middle of Toronto's entertainment district, which for 11 days comes alive with movie stars, screens almost 300 films, gets clogged with stargazers, while press and paparazzi types weave their way through it all like naked mole rats.

Movies and singing; they're the things that give me the greatest sense of communion with others.

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